Hello people, I am going to talk about light.

Artificial sources of light vs Natural sources of light.

There are 2 sources of light. The first sources of light is called Natural sources of light.

Natural sources of light is light that is not manmade, for example: sun, sunlight, stars. The secound sources of light is Artificial sources of light. Artificial light is light that is manmade, for example: tv, light bolt, flashlight.

Natural light                                                    Artificial light Choosing and Using Flashlights - The Shooter's Log

Objects that Emit light and objects that reflect light:

Emitting light is objects that makes there own light. For example: tv, lightbulb, sun, stars. Reflecting light is objects that light bounces of. For example: shoes, moon, water bottle, tree.

Something that I did not know is that Emitting light is called Emitting light.

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Radar Points to Moon Being More Metallic Than Researchers Thought - NASA



Experiment 1-how does light travel. 

In my first experiment I looked at how light travels

In my first experiment, I looked at how light travels. My hypothesis was that the light will go through the holes in the paper.

I think this because if you shine a light through a hole, the the light will go through the hole.


My procedure was:

  1. Got my materials (paper, torch, clay)
  2. Poked a hole through the cards. The last one had a X target.
  3. I lined up the cards and shined the light through to try and hit the target.


Here is an image of the experiment.


My hypothesis was right because the light shined through the hole.


Experiment 2 – What makes a good reflector?


Reflection is when something bonces of something. 

Good reflective material include mirror (clean mirror), tinfoil, and other stuff.


We did an experiment looking at what makes a good reflector. We used different materials such as collerd paper, mirror, black paper, wight paper, tinfoil, crumbled tinfoil.


Here is a picture of some of the material’s that I used


The best reflector was a mirror, Because it reflected the best.

The worst reflector was a  wight piece of paper, Because it reflected the worst.

Transparent, translucent and Opaque

Transparent is when



Hello people, today I will be talking about habitats.

Consumers: Animal’s are called consumers because they do not make their own food like plants. Instead animals must eat other animals to get their energy. The 3 types of consumers: There are 3 types of consumers, Herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore. Herbivores eat only plants. Carnivores eat only meat. Omnivore eat both meat and plants.

Goodbye people, have a good day.